Beach Days & Big Smiles

Unwind with Your Crew in Sveti Filip i Jakov!

Picture this: sunshine sparkling on turquoise waters, laughter echoing across the sand, and sandcastle empires rising tall. Sound like the perfect summer vacay with your fam? Look no further than Sveti Filip i Jakov! Our comfy vacation rentals put you steps away from epic beach days, so ditch the stress and get ready for memories that’ll last a lifetime.

But with so many beaches, which one’s your crew’s perfect match? Worry not, beach bums! Here’s the lowdown on Sveti Filip i Jakov’s top spots, each offering something special for families:

Beach Iza Banja: Action meets chill! This vibrant beach buzzes with cafes, restaurants, and shops alongside its mixed sand and pebble shores. Feeling adventurous? Diving and surfing centers await! Otherwise, grab a sun lounger and relax. As the sun sets, music and laughter fill the air, making it the perfect spot to end a fun-filled day with delicious seafood.

Beyond the Beach:

Your Sveti Filip i Jakov adventure extends beyond the shore. Our vacation rentals provide the perfect home base for exploring nearby towns, embarking on boat trips to hidden coves, or venturing into the stunning Kornati Islands archipelago.

Start planning your dream family vacation today! Browse our vacation rentals, each ideally located near these amazing beaches, and let us help you create memories that will last a lifetime.