EMAIL: Ruzmarin & Maslina – Important information about access to your vacation apartment

Dear Family [customer_last_name],

In this e-mail you will find important information to get access to the apartment no.: [resa_accommodation_num], [resa_accommodation].

To make your arrival as pleasant as possible, we have equipped the entrance with a practical key safe. This gives you around-the-clock access to your cozy apartment.

How to find the entrance to the holiday apartment [resa_accommodation]:

  • Your apartment is on the 2nd floor of the house.
  • Go to the main entrance of the house via the short stairs.

Unlock the front door with the code:

  • The front door can be unlocked using one code.
  • Your personal code for the front door is: [resa_nuki]
  • Please enter the code carefully, one digit at a time.
  • If you have entered the entire code correctly, it will take a moment and you will hear the door unlock.
  • Please wait until the door is unlocked. Only then can you push the door open.
  • Please close the door after you are inside the house.

Way to the apartment:

  • Now go left to the stairwell.
  • Go to the top floor (2nd floor).
  • Your apartment [resa_accommodation] has the number [resa_accommodation_num] on the door.
  • The key safe is located next to the apartment door

Unlocking the key box:

  • Locate the key safe as shown here. It is attached to the right of the apartment door.
  • Enter the code: Your personal PIN code for the key safe is: [resa_schluesselsafe]
  • Please enter the code carefully, one digit at a time.
  • A confirmation tone will sound for each digit entered.
  • If you have entered the entire code correctly, press the “Enter”  symbol in the lower right corner of the keypad.

Opening the key safe:

  • If the code is valid, you will hear a click and the safe door will automatically unlock.
  • Pull the door at the top down to open it further (see figure).

Enter your apartment:

  • Take the keys out of the safe.
  • There are 2 keys. One key for the apartment door and one for the front door.
  • Use the apartment key to unlock the apartment door.
  • You do not need to lock the safe: Simply close the safe door and it will automatically lock and secure itself again.

Leaving and security:

  • When you leave the apartment, simply close the apartment door and put the keys in the safe.
  • The key safe will automatically lock again. You do not need to lock the safe manually.

Practical tips:

  • Here is a short video on how to enter the code and open the key safe door:
  • The two PIN codes given are valid for your entire stay. (Front door and safe)
  • Do not pass on the PIN codes to third parties.
  • The key safe is a good way to keep your keys safe during your stay, especially when you are out exploring.
  • When checking out, please close the apartment door and put the key in the safe.
  • Please close the front door at all times. Make sure it is locked.
  • Do not let anyone into the house. Each guest has their own PIN and should use it themselves.

We hope this information is helpful! Enjoy your comfortable and relaxing stay in your apartment [resa_accommodation]!

Best regards,

Ernest Čović
Villa Agatha
Ul. Blaža Jurišića Br. 6 
23207 Sveti Filip i Jakov, Croatia
Mobile (HR): +385 (95) 535 68 68